Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well I guess I am not a very good blogger. Keep saying I am going to keep this up and then I don't. So
 I'll guess have to do what I can.   I'll try to catch everybody up on what has been going on in our lives.

We have been busy enjoying all the fruits from our garden, but now since its been so so hot and dry here, our garden is just about burned out.  We are now starting to think about a fall garden.  We were able to can some tomatoes and beans, and i think I had a tomato sandwich everyday for awhile. I know me,  I love them.

Don't know if everyone knows this, but  I joined Weight Watchers back in January. So far I have lost 40 lbs. Tommy is doing it with me and he has lost about 50 lbs. He is done with the weight loss, just wants to maintain.  I still have some more to lose.  We are mostly trying to eat healthier and doing it so we feel better( which we can already feel the difference) Tommy has been hiking again in the  Big Thicket aand even did two hike in the Smoky Mountains.

The chalet

Yes, we went to Gatlinburg to pick up his Mom.  She had been there with Joleen for a couple of weeks. Don't know why it took us 28 years to go back to Gatlinburg, but it will not be that long ago, can't wait to go back in the fall to see all the colors of autumn. Thank you to Joleen for having us, really enjoyed being with family.  Clay's son Robert was there also and we liked getting to know him, loved all the magic tricks.  Gatlinburg was fun to walk around downtown, we even went up the ski lift and get to see the beautiful mountains. Thought I was going to freak out on the ski lift but it wasn't too bad.  We even got to see a couple of bears coming down the mountain road (which I was to scared to drive).  And we got to do some shopping, brought  a handmade braided rug(made by a 75 year old man, its beautiful, looks good in front of my sink) some baskets, soap, and two pottery mugs, one says Nana and the other Pawpaw. Everything I brought was handmade from the area. It was nice to be able to talk to and see the artists at work.

Stopped in Baton Rouge on the way back for July 4th.  They had a big firework show over the Mississippi River. We got a room in the Hilton Capital Hotel which is right on the levee and were able to watch the fireworks from our room. It was the best show I have ever seen. We will being going back and doing that again. All in all it was a great trip(not enough time, but there never is).

I saved the biggest update for the last, (although I gave you a hint with the Nana and Pawpaw mugs). We have a new granddaughter. She is a joy and we are happy for Matthew and Lindsay. AnnMarie is a little darling.  Its nice to be able to see your kids and see what kind of parents they are going to be.  Think she is going to have her daddy wrapped around her finger.
 Well, this seems to be a good update,  have a few projects that I am working on and I will post about them soon(really).
til then love ya.