Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well, back again.  know its been awhile but I have been busy becoming a new NANA.  Have a beautiful new granddaughter.  She is a little doll.  She waited til we could get to Fort Worth so we could be there when she was born.  Will being going back in a couple of weeks to see her and help out.

On the home front , we are still waiting on the plumbers to fix the hot water heater. (I know, its been two weeks), Between lousy plumbing company and  home warranty company this has been hell.  Does no one care about customer service anymore.  They are suppose to be here tomorrow morning to replace the heater. Hopefully everything goes alright, Tommy wanted to hold out and make them come when he was home in the afternoon, but I was afraid it would never get done, and I am tired of heating water, I want my shower back!!!  We will be writing a complaint to both places and the better business bureau when they get finished(don't want to do it before they finish, might never get it) at this time we do not plan on renewing our contract with the warranty company, we will be calling them and getting all of our appliances that need fixing fixed before we are done.

Will talk again soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the Boondocks. Sitting on the deck having lunch. Tommy is out on the bayou in the boat looking for fish.  Had a big old snapper turtle on his line yesterday.  Luckily it got away. Good thing Callie (our dog) wasn't in the boat she would have gone crazy.  Fish would be better. Maybe he'll have better luck today.
Still without hot water. It will be this next week sometime before the plumbers get one in and then they will come install it. We will be in Fort Worth the first part of the week, so it will be at least Thursday before they can come, hopefully they can get it done then.  Hate washing dishes in the sink(miss my dishwater but I guess it doesn't work without hot water coming into it.). Its not too bad to heat water for washing, Can handle that for a couple of days, it reminds me of heating water on Nannie's stove and taking baths in the hotel in Kinderhook (was there a boiler that heated water there?)  But I will be glad to have the shower back nice and hot. Heated water today and give Callie a bath, I know she probably wouldn't mind cold water, but I have to get in the bath tub with her to wash her, so I wanted it at least warm.. Shes now laying in the sun enjoying the warmth.
Tommy just got back with a fish, and some wild blackberrys from along the bayou. Have to go find a recipe for cobbler.  Talk later

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New computer

Okay, we are going to try this again and see if I can keep this updated. Got a new computer so it should be easier, the other died a slow death. Went to Best Buy and liked this dell so got it. Still have to do something about getting better internet service, right now we have verizon wireless which gets about 2 bars worth of coverage.  Will probability look into getting satellite in the future(when our verizon contract is over).  That what happens when you live in the Boondocks.
Still waiting on AnnMarie to make an appearance. She was due on the 12th, so she is already a typical girl by being late.  Figure she will come this weekend while I am working so we won't be able to go til next week.  Can 't wait to spoil her as only a Nana can.
Have a lot a pictures to share. I am going to put the new garden pictures under the squarefoot gardening page The second page is this years garden --2011, so check them out there, the garden is looking really good this year. Hopefully we will get a  lot of goodies from it. Already eating fresh lettuce and loving it.Started a lot of it from seeds we got with the gift certificate Darius and Nicole gave us for Christmas. It was hard not to buy everything from the catalog. We had to add another 2 boxes to plant everything we had. Now we just need to get some rain. (we have a rain barrel that we use for watering, its getting pretty low). May have to dig an irrigation ditch from the bayou.  Just can't wait to eat a salad with everything in it fresh from the garden.
The orange and lemon trees are coming along alright, may be another couple of years before we see any fruit. The grapefruit tree bloomed this year and it full of little grapefruit balls. We will still have to wait til next year to be able to tell if its the kind that blooms every other year.(didn't have any last year, but don't know if that was because of the storm.)
I am working on getting some house interior pictures up, have to get them from the other computer and copy over here. Will have them up soon, so go check out the garden photos for now
Talk to you soon