Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the Boondocks. Sitting on the deck having lunch. Tommy is out on the bayou in the boat looking for fish.  Had a big old snapper turtle on his line yesterday.  Luckily it got away. Good thing Callie (our dog) wasn't in the boat she would have gone crazy.  Fish would be better. Maybe he'll have better luck today.
Still without hot water. It will be this next week sometime before the plumbers get one in and then they will come install it. We will be in Fort Worth the first part of the week, so it will be at least Thursday before they can come, hopefully they can get it done then.  Hate washing dishes in the sink(miss my dishwater but I guess it doesn't work without hot water coming into it.). Its not too bad to heat water for washing, Can handle that for a couple of days, it reminds me of heating water on Nannie's stove and taking baths in the hotel in Kinderhook (was there a boiler that heated water there?)  But I will be glad to have the shower back nice and hot. Heated water today and give Callie a bath, I know she probably wouldn't mind cold water, but I have to get in the bath tub with her to wash her, so I wanted it at least warm.. Shes now laying in the sun enjoying the warmth.
Tommy just got back with a fish, and some wild blackberrys from along the bayou. Have to go find a recipe for cobbler.  Talk later

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