Tuesday, March 22, 2011

back to blogging

Well its pretty bad that I have not posted anything on this blog since last November.  The worst is that I really do have a lot to show you. We are still out here in the Boondocks making the house our own.  Almost have it all done the way we want it. Still have the bathrooms and laundry to do.  Finished the guest room and my office/craft room.  Really like how they came out. I will be posting pictures.

Here is the final from the guest room. As you can see I went with purples, lavenders, greens in this room, The bedspread was the inspiration for the room. Still need a dresser or bookshelves or something (I'll know when I find it) for the one wall, and some wall decor for around the bed. The bed we got from my son. love it. One of the things we didn't count on was how high the mattressess would be, but I like them this way just need a stool it reach them.

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