Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday morning

Hey all,
Just hanging out this morning.  Weather is beautiful, may get rain later today or tomorrow, we are still in drought conditions so any rain is welcome, need it for the garden.  The garden is still looking good, still eating lettuce and now also getting some radishes, beans, and sugar peas.  Have some green tomatoes, can't wait for them to get ripe. Went to the farmers market the last two weeks, and we are enjoying the fresh produce.;I wish we had as much stuff as Darius and Nicole get every week, but what we have been able to get is good.  Cooked some longhorn beef hamburgers the other day, they were really good, low fat, no additives or hormones. Still have some steaks to cook so they should be good. Got some fresh carrots this week and you can really tell the difference, they even smell good. Gonna cook them tonight with some turnips, small red pototoes and onions, leeks and turkey sausgage in a oven bake, Should be good. Heres the pics of what we got the last two weeks.

Oh, forgot to tell you about the strawberries, there are to die for, they are so ripe and sweet, cut them up for shortcake and do not even need to put any sugar on the berries they are that good.

Thats all for now, well talk later

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  1. I love that you're posting your market hauls now too. It's so fun to see! Keep it up! You should post your meals of the week too!