Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here is the tutorial for how I made the photo wall in my house.  I started by laying my design out on the floor of how I wanted to hang the pictures.

 Well actually I started by collecting the picture frames and painting them all the same color white, used spray paint for this step.

 I then cut templates out of craft paper and put them on the wall, also marked where the holes needed to be, I did measure between the spaces to get the placement I wanted, but you could also eyeball it.(which I did with later ones I added). I used the sheet rock screws to hang the frames so they would be secure
You can see the laser I used for leveling in this picture, and the frames going up

I broke the M in family and had to go to hobby lobby to buy a new one

I collected all the pictures I wanted and printed them on my computer in black and white, at one point I had more pictures then frames so I had to add more.  This is the way it looks right now, I do have room to add to it if I want, but right now I am finished. 

The last picture went up today, from this past labor day weekend when all the kids were here

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