Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well its been almost a year since I started this blog, and it only had 1 post on it. Now that is really bad. Hopefully this is the start of something new. I am going to try to post something everyday of what is going on 'down in the boondocks.

we have done a lot of work on the house and still have alot to do. I'll try to post some pictures,but some of them are stuck on the external hard drive that decided not to work. So we will just have to go from here.

have most of the living/dining/kitchen done-painted, floor, furniture. So far everything is just how we want it. It has taken awhile but when you have to buy everything thats the way it goes. (for those that don't know, we lost everything in Hurricane Ike). it's has been fun to decorate the way we want with a lot of help from our daughter who is a great designer. The master bedroom is coming along great, walls painted ,floor done furniture in place. I am now working on the guest bedroom, it looks great. Walls and ceiling, trim done, floor still has to be laid, and we still have to get the bed(have the mattresses, the bed is at our sons in Fort Worth. This room has been fun to do, because it is all my ideas and a lot of it is stuff I have found and redone. Still have the craft room/office to do(should have done that first with all the project I want to do). Have some ideas on what I want to do, again my daughter is going to be a big help on this room.

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