Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i got this cabinet at goodwill for 9.99, it has a glass front door, that i already took off to prime it for painting. these cabinets were used for stereo equipment before i-pod became the norm. I needed something to put the box for my tv dish and my dvd player in since we put the tv over the fireplace, its hard to find a cabinet that isn't short and wide, i needed one that fit a certain spot.

this is a little table i found out at trade days, at first i thought i would use it for a magazine rack but now i think i am going to use it on the deck for a table. i
am thinking of spraying it an aqua blue and using it with the two green wicker chairs, i can just see it with a glass of lemonaide on it. i'll post a picture when it is done.

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