Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue table

here is the picture of the table finished in blue (see previous post to see what it looked like when I brought it). What do you think, do you like the blue. The chair is from Pier One, brought two of them last year on clearance, really like them on the deck, and they are really comfortable.  And that is some strawberry, orange lemonaid that taste so so good. Here is the view from this chair across the deck to the dock on the water

also have been working on some lamps that I brought at goodwill and garage sales.  I found these two matching crystal lamps at goodwill for 7.99 each, thought that was a great price, I am working on painting them white and finding shades for them. . Keep in touch for the final pictures.  the floor lamp  was a find at a garage sale for 1.50(yes thats right 1.50) i forgot to get a before picture, but it was that brassy gold color, i painted it white spray paint, then hand painted the purple and green, it is for the guest room. still have some work to do on the shade. Do you think it needs  more painting done to the base, i'm still undecided, thought i would live with it for awhile and see. the last lamp is also for the guest room,  got it at goodwill ( I do shop there alot) painted white, added flowers to the inside, and added trim and beads to a shade from (again) goodwill.  I think i will do the shade for the floor lamp with the same trim.


  1. Is larry's trade days the same as that larry's antique mall we used to go to? I miss that place.

  2. yes, it moved out to Winnie and is the weekend after first monday every month.

  3. That must have been one of the big selling points for Winnie. Everything looks beautiful Kate.